Category "Microsoft Office Courses"

  • Microsoft Word 2016 for Beginners

    Microsoft Word is a word processing application that has been around for a long time; in fact, it is one of the first to be designed for use with a Mouse, a new technology at the time.  For several decades, Microsoft Word has been the go-to application for anyone who needs to create professional-looking documents, in both the business and academic settings, as well as at home.  Since it first debuted in 1983, Microsoft has updated Word many times.  The latest is Microsoft Word 2016, which can be purchased as a standalone product, as part of Microsoft Office 2016, or as part of Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 for Beginners

    Whether you want to give a sales presentation to a new client, share some ideas with your staff, or give a speech to key stakeholders, Microsoft® PowerPoint™ 2016 gives you the tools you need to create attractive visual aids that support your words while helping your audience remember your key points. This course on Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 for Beginners gives a basic overview of PowerPoint for users who have little or no PowerPoint experience.